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Relentless Tribe

Relentless Tribe

We are the relentless creatives. We are the driven, inspired, hopeful, must-do, problem solvers. We have visions to bring into reality and exciting work to do. We will keep going. 

You are the relentless creative. Your legacy, passion, gifts, and dreams deserve safe soil and the opportunity to thrive. This community (and hopefully your home) is that soil. 

As a relentless creative your time is a precious resource. There is work to be done and progress to be made leaving limited time, resources, and brain space for big courses, catalogued resources, and intensive one-on-one coaching. So we created an alternative answer -- a 24/7 community so you always have access to your peers and pinpointed coaching.

We are pursuing passionate, authentic creativity. Together. And together we create meaningful spaces that support our lives, visions, and communities. 

If you are a relentless creative, ready to be surrounded with support and move your vision further faster, then this is your tribe!

Learn more at therelentlesscreative.com

Meet your host

My name is Jillian and I am the relentless creative. 

Years ago my husband and I were painting our white picket fence (seriously) and talking about our passions and dreams when we stumbled upon "relentless creative" as a name, identifier, and reality. As we kept talking and the excitement grew I stumbled in a ditch while waving my paintbrush around making a point. When I looked up it was as if I saw the faces of other relentless creatives and I knew then that this was real and I wasn't alone. 

So, this is for you.

Being a relentless creative takes many forms in my life and yours. You can learn more about what it looks like for me at my website therelentlesscreative.com or on social media @relentlesstribe or through my book The Relentless Creative Handbook available on Amazon.


Your membership to Relentless Tribe includes: 

- 24/7 access to a lively community of relentless creatives. You're never alone! 

- a mobile app so it's easy to stay connected to your tribe no matter where you may roam

- day-to-day insight, encouragement, and training for the creative process and cycles 

- casual on-demand creative coaching from your host so you can get the right amount of help at the right time 

- a community of peers spanning 8+ disciplines and industries each eager to live immersed in creativity and excited to share stories

- the ability to share several types of media, write posts, ask questions, and create polls

- group chats and live virtual events

- group and private messaging

- access to in-person live events

- exclusive access to original music


This community is a place for authentic creativity. As in, original creativity. This is not a place to mine information, prove theories, or steal creative ideas.

I take the safety of this community, and their creativity, seriously so I do reserve the right to deny membership and/or remove members who present a threat to the community.

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